Program Details: How does it work?

What Happens When Entering the Program

At the beginning of the program, each patient receives a series of screening tests and a physician consultation, which will result in a review of existing issues and any areas for improvement. Based on this information, the patient then begins a comprehensive program, one specifically designed for that person, focusing on brain exercise, stress management, physical wellness, and nutrition.

After several weeks of in-office training, the individual continue the program from his or her home. Our team of clinicians will continue to reach out, offering support and necessary assistance. Each person in the program is welcome to return to our office or contact us with any issues that come up.

What Happens After the Patient Completes the Program?

Upon completion of the program, Dr. Scranton will review the results of the program and test scores, as well as many other contributing factors, with the patient. The individual should continue the computer-based program at home for a designated period.

During this time, our clinicians continue to work with the patient, helping to monitor their progress and sharing any improvements. If there are any issues related to the program, we offer all the support necessary to ensure that the patient’s success continues.


After the patient completes his or her in-home sessions, a final re-evaluation in the center is necessary, where the patient will receive advice for any additional rehabilitation aids, physical and nutritional program changes, and other upgrades required from Dr. Scranton and our staff.