Brain Fitness Centers of Florida LLC – Patient Portal

Dr. Scranton is the Tampa Bay area’s first physician to offer a fully integrated and committed Internet-based patient portal. The patient portal allows patients to view their lab work, which has been performed by BayCare or LabCorp. The data from these tests are generally available within 24 hours. However, before posting the results in the portal for patients to view, Dr. Scranton examines them and attaches his personal notes. In addition to this exclusive service, patients will be contacted with their results by one of Dr. Scranton’s staff members, who can answer any questions.

The patient portal allows patients the opportunity to discover what lab work, health maintenance, and diagnostic studies have been performed or are necessary to schedule or reschedule. These tests also include immunizations, screening tests, and studies that are specific to the individual. This allows for planned intervals between testing to be determined.

There are many more services available to Dr. Scranton’s patients, which are made possible through email technology. Although standard email has been available elsewhere for several years, security has not been strong enough to use within many healthcare aspects. Our email program now has the security systems seen at the level of commercial banking and uses highly encrypted messaging within our portal environment. You can feel safe when sending emails with questions to the doctor, medical assistants, or receptionist. You may also securely request prescription refills, demographic changes, and much more. However, if the patient prefers to continue making these enquiries and requests on the phone, Dr. Scranton and his staff are happy to assist you in this manner, too.

All of the information explained above is uploaded and downloaded every 60 minutes. Soon, the Patient Portal will include the same timely availability of your radiology results from selected centers. This sharing of your healthcare information and the addition of new services is leading to the evolution of the electronic health record (EHR) and making the stand-alone electronic medical record (EMR) obsolete in the very near future.

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