Accurately Measure Your Verbal Memory and Executive Functioning

The test is similar to those used by medical specialists and researchers to evaluate disorders related to verbal memory and executive functioning. While the results from the Online Brain Fitness Quiz are highly valid and reliable, they are not diagnostic of any specific condition. They simply indicate the status of the test taker’s verbal memory and executive functioning at the specific time when taking the test. When taking the test, you understand that the results are for informational purposes only and to provide you preliminary data to facilitate a meaningful discussion with one of our qualified healthcare professionals. The results and information are not intended to provide a diagnosis or recommendation for treatment or rehabilitation of any disease or health condition. The results of all tests and information from this assessment do not and should not take the place of speaking to a physician. Please call us today at (727) 608-7378 to discuss your results.

Test is private, and results are confidential. No personal information or identifiers are collected. Age is only asked to allow scoring by the computer.