Frequently Asked Questions

Most major insurance providers, including Medicare, cover the program up to 80%. From there, most secondary or supplemental insurance carriers cover the remaining 20%. If insurance is an issue with the candidate, Brain Fitness Centers of Florida LLC, is happy to work with the candidate and find a mutually acceptable form of payment. Read more >

TBI typically affects a range of cognitive functions, including attention, processing speed, memory, and executive functioning (i.e. decision making), all of which can affect day-to-day functioning. Computerized brain training, as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation plan, has been shown to be effective in treating these cognitive symptoms of brain injury and helping individuals regain function. Read more about how computerized neurocognitive training can improve hearing for blast exposed veterans.

Brain Fitness Centers of Florida LLC, has had a great deal of success improving the symptoms commonly associated with chemo brain. If you or someone you know has experienced cognitive decline following chemotherapy, we can likely help. Difficulties may include following instructions, multitasking, prioritizing, paying attention, forgetfulness, or problems at work.

We should all be concerned about losing our cognitive abilities as we age. Fortunately, advances in neuroscience and computer technology have provided clinicians with options to reduce the rate of age-related cognitive decline. Pushing intellectual skills to their limits helps to preserve attention, processing speed, memory, multitasking, and decision making at any age. The structured, challenging, and professionally-monitored programs at Brain Fitness Centers of Florida LLC, helps individuals of all ages maintain or improve cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and reaction time.

For those people in the earlier stages of dementia, Brain Fitness centers of Florida LLC, can provide individualized programs to help maintain cognitive skills for as long as possible. Our specialists can periodically evaluate persons with dementia in order to track the progression of symptoms over the course of the disease. Read about how computerized brain training can help prevent dementia by 29-48%.

Depending on the severity of the stroke, Brain Fitness Centers of Florida LLC, may be able to help. If the person maintains the ability to use a computer and can still communicate effectively, Brain Fitness may be a therapeutic option to help increase attention and working memory. Research indicates Brain Fitness may produce positive results even in individuals who have experienced a stroke as long as 1 to 3 years ago.

Upon entering the program, each patient receives a series of screening tests and a physician consultation to review their existing issues and areas for improvement. Based on this information, the individual is placed in a comprehensive program, specifically designed for that person, focusing on brain exercise, stress management, physical wellness and nutrition. After several weeks of in-office training, the individual is asked to continue on the program in the comfort of their own home. During this time, our team of clinicians will continue to reach out to each person, offering assistance and providing additional support. Each person is also welcome to return to our office or give us a call with any issues they might be having. Read more >

Upon completion of the program, the patient reviews their program and test scores, as well as many other contributing factors, with Dr. Scranton. Management recommendations for the short term are provided. For some, we may ask that the individual continue with the computer-based program for a designated period at home. During this time, our clinicians continue to monitor their progress. If there are any issues with accessing the program, we offer support to help make sure the patient’s continued success is not hindered. Finally, after the patient completes their in-home sessions, they return to the center for reevaluation, receive advice for additional rehab aides, physical and nutritional program changes, and other upgrades from Dr. Scranton and his staff.

No. Your physician can refer you to the Brain Fitness Center, or you can register yourself or a family member for a consultation. If you would like to make a referral, please call Brain Fitness Centers of Florida LLC, at (727) 608-7378.