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What is Brain Fitness Centers of Florida LLC?

Medically Proven

Brain Fitness Centers of Florida LLC is a dynamic organization whose intention is to provide aid in the improvement of a person’s cognitive ability. Under the supervision of Stephen L. Scranton, M.D., F.A.C.P., we combine the most advanced clinical techniques with unique and medically proven forms of brain and physical exercise.

Who is a Potential Patient?

Brain Fitness Centers of Florida LLC works with anyone who has mild-to-moderate cognitive impairment. We also work with anyone looking to improve his or her overall brain function and memory, typically because of age or injury, in a structured setting. Below are two characteristics we look to identify and address during a patient’s testing and consultation.

Who can we Help

• Stroke patients• Chemo brain
• Post-operation/post-pump patients
• Alzheimer's patients • Multiple sclerosis/autoimmune • Traumatic brain injuries • Aging brain• General dementia• Congestive heart failure • Parkinson’s • Executive level business persons • ADHD

Stephen L. Scranton, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Dr. Stephen L. Scranton and his medical staff are committed to you and work exceedingly hard to make sure his patients receive the best treatment possible. Dr. Stanton offers thorough assessment, evaluation, and documentation of patients, which allows them understand their medical situation and Dr. Scranton's processes completely. This attention to detail allows Dr. Scranton and his staff to work closely with other support services necessary for patient health. This includes physician consultants, therapists, pharmaceutical services, and home healthcare agencies. Patients of Dr. Scranton know that they are receiving the attention they deserve. Dr. Scranton has been practicing for more than 25 years, so his patients know that they are in good hands.

Brain Fitness Centers of Florida LLC provides healthcare for accepted patients age 18 and older. Dr. Scranton enjoys the challenge of discovering his patients’ medical issues, determining ways in which to balance the complexity of each, and offering a regimen that will provide the patient a road to improved health. For many, Dr. Scranton often uncovers familial and behavioral risks, which may not be relevant at the time of discovery. However, these could become important issues many years later. He takes an all-encompassing method of patient evaluation in order to practice comprehensive preventative medicine.

Dr. Scranton is the Tampa Bay area's first physician to offer a fully integrated and committed Internet-based patient portal. The patient portal allows patients to view their lab work, which has been performed by BayCare or LabCorp. The data from these tests are generally available within 24 hours. However, before posting the results in the portal for patients to view, Dr. Scranton examines them and attaches his personal notes. In addition to this exclusive service, patients will be contacted with their results by one of Dr. Scranton’s staff members, who are able of answering any remaining questions.