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Strengthen Your Brain Like a muscle

Each patient receives a series of screening tests and consultation with a physician, where we will review any existing issues and areas for improvement. Based on this information, the individual will go into a comprehensive program, specifically designed for that person, and one that focuses on brain exercise, stress management, physical wellness, and nutrition.

FREE 10-minute Memory Screening

Schedule an appointment to get a safe and accurate memory screening. In the span of 10 minutes, the screening will show where your memory and cognitive function stands. We will test for things like mental quickness and flexibility. Brain Fitness Centers of Florida LLC is a proud partner of the National Alzheimer’s Association.

Find the Latest News and Events

Brain Fitness Centers of Florida LLC is proud to announce that we will be traveling the Tampa Bay Area to provide community members with up-to-date educational information on the brain, including many ways to keep your cognition at peak performance. Read our blog for other announcements and more information.

Our Mission

Who We Are

Brain Fitness Centers of Florida LLC is a patient-centered community organization that has dedicated itself to improving their quality of life by way of improving cognitive function. We understand that there are differences with every person and we are committed to creating solutions that are tailored specifically for each patient.

Who Do We Help?

Our Brain Fitness Center staff works with patients who have mild to moderate cognitive impairment, due to age, traumatic injury, or a medical event. We also work with patients seeking to improve their overall brain function and memory.

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